Orthodontics is the specialty of Dentistry that is responsible for the alignment and leveling of the teeth, thus improving the aesthetics of our smile and chewing function.

On many occasions and in our youngest patients it is accompanied by Orthopedics, which consists of the detection and treatment of skeletal problems of the jaws, achieving their correct development and positioning.

Personalized attention

In our dental clinic we consider both aspects, always carrying out a personalized preliminary study to adapt to the treatment that our patient (and only that patient) needs at that moment and whose result will be explained by our doctor in a close and friendly way in an appointment dedicated exclusively to it.

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Functional orthopedic appliances

It is the appliance that helps both the growth of the patient and the function of the muscles and bones involved in the correct development of the maxillofacial structures.

There are different types of appliances, such as mandibular advancement devices, palatal breakers, or extraoral traction masks.


Brackets Metálicos

Alineador Dental Transparente

Alineadores Dentales


The appliances used for tooth movement are very varied. On the one hand we have fixed appliances (we cannot remove them since they are cemented on the teeth), as is the case with braces. On the other hand, we have removable appliances such as removable inserts that some children can wear or even be used as retainers at the end of the treatment and aligners or plastic orthodontics (they are removable, but we must wear them for at least 22 hours/day). day).

All of these systems in the right hands will correct dental malpositions and achieve an aesthetic and functional improvement in your smile.


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If you want an appointment with the orthodontist or have any questions regarding this service, you can contact us by calling us at 985 520 946 or by sending us an email from the form in our contact section.

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