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Dra. García Fau

  • 2023 Comprehensive course on Peribucal Aesthetics in Dentistry, Intraoral and extraoral applications of hyaluronic acid
  • 2021 Theoretical-practical specialization course in Peribucal Aesthetics with hyaluronic acid. Dr. Pablo Baltar Martínez de la Riva.
  • 2020 Master in Plastic Orthodontics. Invisalign system. Dr. Arturo Vela Lasagabaster.
  • 2018 Master in Low Friction Self-Ligation Technique Damon XXXII edition.
  • 2017 Theoretical-Practical Course on Microscrews for Orthodontists, Surgeons and Periodontists by the International University of Catalonia (UIC).
  • 2016 University Degree in Aesthetic and Rehabilitative Dentistry: theoretical, demonstrative and practical from the University of UDIMA.
  • 2015 Director of Dental Radiodiagnosis.
  • 2015 Certification Course in the Geniova TM technique, “The Magic Aligner”.
  • 2013/2016 Certification Course in the Invisalign system
  • 2013/2016 Master's Degree in Orthodontics and Dentomaxillary Orthopedics from the CEU San Pablo University
  • 2008 /2013 Graduate in Dentistry from the University of Oviedo

Dr. Ariana Marina Llorián

I am Dr. Ariana Marina Llorián, a general dentist specialized in endodontics and implant prosthodontics.

In my free time, I love to enjoy nature and head to the mountains whenever I get the chance.

I'm a fan of sports in general and also of good books. I enjoy interacting with people, perhaps that's what led me to choose a profession like this. Making them feel safe and comfortable during treatments is something that fulfills me and characterizes me as a professional.


Alejandra Armas Lemos

Hello! I'm Alejandra, but everyone at the clinic calls me Sandra (which is how I prefer it). I've been in this profession for over 30 years.

I never thought I would work in the healthcare field because my passion has always been literature, but I admit that I enjoy seeing how mouths change and interacting with people, especially children. So yes, I love my profession.

My way of unwinding from work is going to the gym, where I can escape from the routine. I also enjoy walking, reading, spending time with family, and getting together with friends. I consider myself a demanding person, hardworking, and I like to improve every day.


Paula Rodríguez

For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself: My name is Paula, I'm a dental hygienist, and besides loving my job, I really enjoy a book accompanied by a good coffee in the sun before starting the day.

And if it's with one of my colleagues, even better.


Carmen López

Hello, my name is Carmen and I may be the first person you see when you enter the clinic.

I love interacting with people, especially the little ones, who are my weakness. I empathize a lot with patients and I love making them feel at home as soon as they walk through the consultation room door.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I consider myself a sociable, outgoing, supportive person with a great team spirit and sense of camaraderie.

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