Case gallery

We present a gallery of procedures that illustrate the results we have achieved for our patients over the years.

The before and after photographs you will find show different cases of patients who have received various dental treatments, from simple cleaning and whitening procedures to more complex cases of orthodontics, implants and dental surgery. Each of these processes demonstrates our commitment to excellence in treatment and patient care.

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Absence of incisor

The patient has an absence of the upper right lateral incisor and the lower left first molar. We also have a completely palatinized upper left second premolar and a total absence of space for it.

Thanks to the Orthodontic treatment, we managed to place the canine in the place of the lateral incisor, include the second premolar in the arch and straighten the second lower left molar, thus closing the gaps and allowing the patient to show off her smile without the need for replace missing parts with prostheses.


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